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About Us

Our Philosophy

At Safety Fast Restoration! We hold to a simple philosophy that a classic car should be restored to the highest standard of beauty, as well as the highest level of performance. Our experience with many original models gives us extensive knowledge in making choices that will deliver not only a correct and original restoration, but a safe, and beautiful one. We research the history of each model, and our respect for the original workmanship and the execution of details by the original builders guide our values in the decision making process we go through. Whether we are performing a ground-up restoration, with complete body-off, or some other work, we always advocate performing work with respect for historical accuracy.

Tom Metcalf

Tom Metcalf established his business Safety Fast Restoration! in 1990. Read his biography and check out his personal car collection here….

Meet the Crew

Our crew consists of the most qualified technicians skilled in the full range of mechanical, machining, bodywork and rebuilding techniques. Paint and upholstery, coachbuilding, instrument and dash restoration are done using the highest quality resources available. It is vital to us that the results are always top quality. Our crew has years of experience, as well as a love for these cars. It is this “heart” that really makes our restorations stand out above the rest.